Re: Changing the IBM Power supply fan for the Digikey fan

David Fainitski

Hello,  Sid
Only one way will work properly,  so try. 
You have only two different ways. 

On Wed, Oct 9, 2019, 6:16 AM Sid Boyce <boyce.sid@...> wrote:
Hi David,

The pinout for the existing power supply fan differs from what I see online.

pin 1 -- Black -- GND

pin 2 -- White -- ?

pin 3 -- Blue -- ?

pin 4 -- Red   -- +12V

Which of the 2 wires are Sensor and Control.

The Digikey fans recommended have Red -- +12V, Black -- GND, Yellow --
Sensor and Brown -- Control.

How to connect the new fan to the old fan's plug?

73 ... Sid.


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