Re: SDR Micron - 14-bit Direct Digital Conversion Receiver with USB connection

Marc olanie

" I know it wasn't Beethoven, Brahms, the Beatles or Dave Brubeck"
... you only take four, so what ? (silly private bad joke)

Btw, still waiting for my 122 MHz VCO. My MCU firmware has been successfully flashed yesterday with MPLAB XPE (since the right version of pickit 3 programmer is rather hard to be found and those I found didn't had a "low voltage programming" option)

I think an Odyssey version of the Raspberry Pi python code developped by Steve to load the gateware of the Hermes Lite V2 would be a very smart initiative. Just to avoid dealing with bad Blaster clones that nuke the kernel. Without mentionning the fact that a small raspi app is always better than an incredibly heavy Quartus install.

I just understood the way the bootloader was running and how were switched the different gatewares during the bootstrap. It's definitely a great idea, far superior than the OpenHPSDR way to flash the gateware. Kudos to David

I'll try to load all that stuff with a USB Blaster (a good one) today. I hope the fpga only need/check the 10 MHz clock to be programmed.
Marc f6itu

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