Re: SDR Micron - 14-bit Direct Digital Conversion Receiver with USB connection

Leo Goto

Hi David,

I ordered Micron SDR PCB immediately.
I noticed by looking at the BOM file, but I think M25P16-VMN6TP is
difficult to obtain due to discontinuation of production.
I found M25P16-VMN6TP that I had purchased as a spare when I made HiQSDR
mini before, so there is no problem.
I'm really looking forward to it.

Regards, Leo/wh2q

On Sun, 08 Sep 2019 16:05:46 -0700
"David Fainitski" <rolin791@...> wrote:

Hello, people
I would like to meet you with my new design - small and cheap 14-bit DDC receiver with USB connection wich could be your next weekend's DIY project.
It has board size only 83 x 55 mm, you can order on just for 2 dollars.

Device is based on the cheap modern FPGA chip Cyclone 10,?10CL010YE144C8G with price less then 10 dollars.
ADC - 14 bit?ADS6142, ADS6143, ADS6144, ADS6145 or 12-bit ADS6122, ADS6123, ADS6124, ADS6125.
LNA - AD8099, attenuator 0 - 30 dB DAT-31 or compartibled.
USB chip - FTDI FT232HQ High Speed USB 2.0 connection, up to 60 MB/s
Clock generator is?5P49V5923, very cheap any freq clock source with a refference 10 MHz oscillator.
Output sample rate could be any in list:?48 kHz, 96 kHz, 192 kHz, 240 kHz, 384 kHz, 480 kHz, 640 kHz, 768 kHz, 960 kHz, 1536 kHz

Additional board could be installed as second floor and contains 5 Band Pass Filters wich avoid an ADC be overdrived by strong out-of-band signals. The frequencies of edges
0 - 2.5 MHz, 2.5 - 6.0 MHz, 6.0 - 12.5 MHz, 12.5 - 20.0 MHz, 20 - 30 MHz.

I have a plan rebuild this board to combine BPF with a VHF tuner chip R820T2 used in known RTL dongles. It provide the possipility to increase the receive range up to 1.8 GHz.

Both theese boards installed into standart aluminium Hammond case?1455C801.

Everithing connected with this receiver will be fully open, you can find the firmware sourcecode, PCB gerbers, manuals and many others on my Github page ( )

The most important thing for any SDR device is a sowtware of course. I have hired professionals programmer that made for this receiver ExtIO.dll. Thanks to him, receiver can work for now with HDSDR, SDR Sharper, Zeus Radio.
Watch this video with the first successfull work

Inspired by this victory,?I imagined that in the same way it would be possible to make the receiver support in amazing opensoused SDR programms like CuSDR, ExpertSDR, SDR MAX.
CuSDR is of particular interest because it has an excellent wide bandscope.
For each programm implementation I will need to pay at least 200 - 300 dollars to programmer and it is very expensive for me unfortunually, given that there is still a lot of work on the hardware part.
I thougth that user support by donation could solve this problem. I have registered a page on for support this progect but was blocked same day for "suspected fraud" without any details.
It was very strange but I can’t do anything else there.

So, people, I need yours opinion about everething this. Any advises please. Tell me, if you think that the receivers are out of fashion now and there is no point in doing all this and spending money on it.

Leo Gotoh <LeoGoto@...>

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