Re: rbf file programming

Sid Boyce

Thanks David,
It is very strange that such a problem only happens now with recent Linux distributions.
The erase seems to work but writing is the problem.

I experienced what seems to be the identical problem with HPSDRProgrammer_web, HPSDRProgrammer_V2 and HPSDRProgrammer_V2_nocap when trying to program hl2b5up.rbf to the Hermes-Lite2. As the EEPROM was erased, the HL2 wouldn't start. I had to use quartus+USBBlaster and hl2b5up.jic instead.
73 ... Sid.

On 25/06/2019 13:35, David Fainitski wrote:
According to your exchange log one time Odyssey had not answered to PC program. I don't know why.  May be that packet was blocked by OS.

PC program send a FW to Odyssey with many packets by 512 bytes. Every time Odyssey should to send answer about successful writing to memory previous data for starting next iteration.

Unfortunually I can not repeat this mistake on my system.

But I can try to implement in the PC program second and third trying to write packet of no answer.

Will think about this.
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