Re: rbf file programming

Sid Boyce

Hi David,
Same problem on ODROID-N2 first try device -- did not respond in time   --- second try success!.
73 ... Sid.

On 23/06/2019 20:04, Sid Boyce via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi David,
May be there is a problem with current Linux distributions -- openSUSE Leap 15.1/Tumbleweed and Ubuntu 19.04 as I am experiencing similar problems trying to program Hermes-lite2 using HPSDRProgrammer, HPSDRProgrammer_V2 and HPSDRProgrammer_V2_nocap on all the x86_64 boxes.
I wonder if the above and BootLoader_2.0.pyw are no longer compatible with latest distros.

Erase works then when write is attempted, it can't communicate with the SDR.

With Hermes-Lite2 I had to use quartus to program the hl2b5up.jic file as the erase left the HL2 undiscoverable after a number of tries.

I'll try BootLoader_2.0.pyw on ODROID-N2 (ARM64) and Atomic PI (x86_64), both with Ubuntu 18.04.2.
73 ... Sid.

On 22/06/2019 04:12, David Fainitski wrote:
Hello, Sid

Please try this bootloader.pof
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