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Thank you in advance.     DE AA6I

On Jun 16, 2019, at 3:28 AM, Isaac <iweksler@...> wrote:

Hi guys.

I decided to help Odyssey-2 users and composed a detailed instruction on programming the MCU by PICKIT-3 and the Bootloader by USB Blaster and Quartus Programmer. This is based on instructions posted by David and others in Russian forums and my personal experients of several tens of programmings I've performed on my Odysey. Hope it will help.

And please look for mistakes which I possibly made. I'll welcome any comments and corrections. Questions as well.


73 Isaac 4Z1AO


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For people like me, a write up would be greatly appreciated.



Stan  AA6I



On 6/14/2019 11:22 PM, Sid Boyce wrote:

Thanks David,
That was the missing part of the puzzle as the ANP.rbf file was not there when I unzipped the download.

OK on the Pickit3.

When all done I must do a write-up on all this.
73 ... Sid.

On 15/06/2019 03:40, David Fainitski wrote:

Hello, Sid
Please understand the difference between bootloader and working firmware. You can write *Bootloader.rbf into slot 0 ONLY.* Because slot 0 is the starting address of memory, FPGA dowloads this bootloader code after start.
You can write working firmware like Odyssey_2_1.20_ANP.rbf into slots 1-3. You can not to write working firmware into slot 0.
If you will try to do something wrong, the programm wil say you that file incorrect to avoid problems.

If the bootloader code is damaged in memory, you can return it with Qartus. After that use Bootloader_2.1.pyw for upload working firmware to slots 1-3. If you did this before and slots filled, you don't need to do this more, only if you don't wont change firmware in certain slot.

Pickkit 3 technically has only 5 lines, 6-th is not used for programming. Align the connectors first to first pin and leave on fly 6-th. MCLR pin on board is first.
Set up manual device select, select 1.8V midrange family and choose needed MCU - PIC16F1827. After that set up LVP programm only. Select needed hex file and start programm the MCU.


<Instructions (MCU-BL).docx>

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