Re: Bootloader update to 2.1




I programmed the BL 2.1 too: 1st - by the BL2.1.pyw to slot 0. 1st time it succceeded, but when started - it displayed Bootloader 2.0. Then I tried again - this time it failed. Then I used the Quartus programmer (no choice) - and again it displayes Bootloader 2.0.


Where do I get the pof file, from your mail or from git?


73 Isaac 4Z1AO


From: <> On Behalf Of David Fainitski
Sent: יום ה 13 יוני 2019 16:24
Subject: Re: [ody-sdr] Bootloader update to 2.1


"bootloader 2 3" on the display ???
It should be " bootloader 2.1"

Next step try to use old 2.0 Bootloader.pyw

People are say that new one does not work reliability.
Will see. It works with mine.

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