Re: Odyssey 2 SDR kit

Peter Ide-Kostic <on7yi.pik973@...>

Please wite to me pm, with the price that you ask. Thanks 73.

On Mon, 29 Apr 2019, 11:06 , <dlwaddel@...> wrote:
Odyssey 2 SDR kit for sale. Partially assembled board (purchased with some parts installed) and parts to complete the installation (according to the Odyssey 2 parts list). See the web site at "" for additional information. Asking $550 including shipping within the USA. Foreign shipping will add $10 to the price. If interested, contact off list at dlwaddel@....
I purchased the parts intending to assemble a system, but have since changed my mind. After all, I have two Hermes systems working. :))


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