Re: wsjt-x and Odyssey 2

Kurt Poulsen

Hi Alex

Thank for responding. I will see if PowerSDR work with my firmware version

Kind regards



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Sendt: 1. april 2019 19:07
Emne: Re: [ody-sdr] wsjt-x and Odyssey 2


To answer your question - yes, it is possible. We were running FT8 using Odyssey 2 in 5R8UM Madagascar expedition.

How to do it - I have no idea, it was my friends radio and responsibility.

I remember that we were running PowerSDR, for FT8 - we started with JTDX and then switched to MSHV.

That's about it.



On Mon, Apr 1, 2019 at 9:27 AM Kurt Poulsen <kurt@...> wrote:

Hi All
Have anybody used the Ody 2 with wjst-x / FT8 and found a way to interface. I have only seen a possibility to use a second sound card (USB) and vox controlled operation.
I use SDR Console which work great with Ody2
Kind regards
Kurt de OZ7OU

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