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Kurt Poulsen

Hi Marc

Nice to hear from you on this reflector

That is some good hints, thank you

Kind regards



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Hi Kurt


I’m not a FT8/WSTJ-X user, and I don’t have any Odyssey transceiver. But all rigs belonging to the OpenHPSDR family have approximately the same behavior.


Did you try to install VB Cable


or voicemeeter


These utilities can redirect any audio output to another software audio input and vice versa. In other words, everything going out from SDR-console/SDR-Radio or PowerSDR can be “plugged” on the FT8 audio input

The “audio plug” selection can be made in the “receive” tab, “option” icon, “device” branch of the new pop-up window


As you can see, the virtual audio cable input or any voicemeeter audio input can be selected in the “available playback” list.

In the QSTJ-X software,  audio configuration interface, you’ll have to choose the corresponding “VB Audio cable output” or “voicemeeter output” in you audio input listbox


… and exactly the same way for transmitting (WSTJ-X audio out should use a second “vb-audio input” and the other side of this cable will be “plugged” in the “mic input” of SDR-Console)


I wrote -sorry, in French- a kind of “Virtual cable for dummies” using a FreeDV software as digital modulator, and SDR Sharp or PowerSDR as main SDR client. But images speak by themselves.  The general logic approach is definitely the same with WSTJ-X an any kind of SDR client software



Marc f6itu



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Hi All
Have anybody used the Ody 2 with wjst-x / FT8 and found a way to interface. I have only seen a possibility to use a second sound card (USB) and vox controlled operation.
I use SDR Console which work great with Ody2
Kind regards
Kurt de OZ7OU

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