Re: Ody II ANP 1.11 IP problem

Kurt Poulsen

Hello David

Problem solved. You wrote Python 2.xx needed but it is Phyton 2.7.x which is needed. I noticed in you document about the boot loaded was written in Phyton 2.7.h so that got my “brain to tick”. The windows installer for Phyton 2.7.8 was the one I used and the everything went smooth the Odyssey 2 wat found clicking on test and the default IP programmed subsequently successfully.
I have maybe a hint why the fault happened. I probably did not disconnected the Odyssey 2 via the center key on the microphone or the power on/switch on the radio but abruptly took the AC power to the 220V AC to 12V DC adaptor.

Thank you for your support David to get me “back in space”.

By the way.. what is the nominal / max input voltage for ADC1 and ADC2 as I want to make a SWR/Power detector like the one you have in the HFPU-100 PA stage

Kind regards



Fra: <> På vegne af David Fainitski
Sendt: 21. marts 2019 15:06
Emne: Re: [ody-sdr] Ody II ANP 1.11 IP problem


Hello, Kurt
Connect headphones to KEY connector and turn a power on.
bootloader 2.0 should indicate on the display all the time
after that the default IP will be valid.


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