Re: Ody II ANP 1.11 IP problem

Kurt Poulsen

Hi David

Thank you, the Odyssey run alright in Bootloader mode, but to get the Bootloader_2.0.pyw up and running is quite a challenge. The Python 2.3.5 installed (windows installer version) but clocking on the Bootloader_2.0.pyw does not get it to start. Opening with Pythonw dos not help either. What is the catch. Sorry I am a window guy so a bit helpless

Kind regards



Fra: <> På vegne af David Fainitski
Sendt: 21. marts 2019 15:06
Emne: Re: [ody-sdr] Ody II ANP 1.11 IP problem


Hello, Kurt
Connect headphones to KEY connector and turn a power on.
bootloader 2.0 should indicate on the display all the time
after that the default IP will be valid.


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