Ody II ANP 1.11 IP problem

Kurt Poulsen

After having enjoyed my new Ody 2 for a week with both OpenHPSDR Thetis and SDR Console v.3.06 both with RX and TX functioning I suddenly experience the none of the two application can initiate the radio. Switching power on Ody 2 reports ANP 1.11 and IP and trying to ping from a command prompt I get the message "Reply from Destination host unreachable" but also the 4 packet sent and 4  packets received Lost=0 (I use CAT6 LAN cable between PC and Ody 2 and as said it worked earlier to day  with my fixed IP pc at I just changed  to to see if it made any change.

So a good hint what to do is appreciated

Kind regards
Kurt de OZ7OU 

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