Re: Odyssey-2 in Linux - Report

Neoklis Kyriazis

Hello, Neoklis.
Hello David,

. I then connected it to my ISP's router and was able to access it via the
WiFi connection and I used  HPSDRProgrammer-v2-nopcap to give Ody the
default static IP of and the computer's port the static IP of, as advised by David.
No, this configuration works only with direct connection to PC. If you are
using router's connection, you should install parameters defined router's
Well, it actually worked, via the WiFi router, with both static IP and DHCP,
e.g. I had discovery from my computer with both cases.

I then tried to connect with Ody using the direct Ethernet connection
but with DHCP
For what ? With direct connection easier to work with static IP .
Well, I could never get it to work with a static IP and direct connection, and
I just could not find out why. Must be something I was not configuring right.
I could get ping to work but not discovery.

It is not necessary but preferably. The hardware are cheap.
I am not concerned about the cost, its the trouble I always have with
customs and couriers, when importing anything other than bananas or
bathroom scales.... Someone here knows what I am talking about, still!

But I will now have to do this and I presume install Windows somewhere so
that I can use the relevant software tools to do the job.

No, you can't. The bootloader and firmware should be the same versions.
Yeah, I think this is why I bricked the Ody. Can I expect it to recover if I flash
the right boot loader and firmware?

Best regards, David.
Best Regards
Neoklis - Ham Radio Call:5B4AZ

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