Re: Odyssey-2 in Linux - Report

David Fainitski

Hello, Neoklis.

. I then connected it to my ISP's router and was able to access it via the WiFi connection and I used  HPSDRProgrammer-v2-nopcap to give Ody the default static IP of and the computer's port the static IP of, as advised by David.
No, this configuration works only with direct connection to PC. If you are using router's connection, you should install parameters defined router's settings.

I then tried to connect with Ody using the direct Ethernet connection but with DHCP

For what ? With direct connection easier to work with static IP .

So, having got this far, I feel that I should try to upgrade Ody-2 to newer firmware but I rather not go as far as importing the needed hardware to reprogram with the new boot loader, since the necessary software will not run on Linux anyhow.

It is not necessary but preferably.
the hardware are cheap.

So I would like to ask, can I safely upgrade the AOP-1.10 firmware to the latest available, using only the HPSDRprogrammer and existing boot loader, and if so, will it work with a non-static IP address (under DHCP)?

No, you can't. The bootloader and firmware should be the same versions.

 If not, will it be more likely to succeed with a static IP and with a direct Ethernet-to-Ethernet connection?

You can use  DHCP or static IP addressing with any firmware versions.
Just use correct settings for success.

Best regards, David.

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