Re: Ody II ANP 1.11 IP /Thetis configuration

Jan Verduyn



Thanks for our advice. It now works.

When reconfigured to your recommended settings for ANP 1.11 and with direct ethernet cable 1Gb ethernet works reliably on Windows 10 and Windows 7 Ps


ANP firmware works only with Gigabit Ethernet.
TCP/IP V4 connection should be set to static IP and mask by default


Should the Static IP settings be the same for a second Ody II with ANP 1.10?

I am getting a reliable connection with  config set to  “Reuse last IP address” and “Network Watchdog” set

This Ody II - IP address is shown as  with IP4 connection IP address and mask   
Does this make sense?

I ask this in case it would help other Ody II owners with ANP1.10.





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