Re: Ody II ANP 1.11 IP /Thetis configuration

AA6I Stan <stan@...>

I just looked at mine as I also use Thetis. Mine is uses Anan 10E . I did a lot of fiddling to get mine going but as I recall I used a static address also on the PC adapter. You also need to be running at Gigabit speeds as I understand ODY II does not do 100Mbps .


On 2/19/2019 2:43 PM, Jan Verduyn wrote:

I am attempting to configure a new Ody II for a friend on a Windows 7 PC.  Despite many hours of trying this has not been successful. 
This Ody II  has ANP 1.11 installed in slot 1 and when switching on it shows it's IP address is  
The PC runs windows 7 OS. Software is Thetis v2.6.0.   

A direct Ethernet cable connection between PC and Ody II is used.  The Ethernet adapter is configured for 100 Mbps  and link enabled.   LAN status shows that packets are being sent but no packets are being returned.
Thetis setup screen is configured  "Enabled Static IP Address"  "Anan-100D"  with IP address entered.

When starting up Thetis  an error is shown  "Unhandled exception has occurred in your application"
A socket operation was attempted to an unreachable network.  
Changing Thetis configuration to "Use last IP address" and restarting Thetis shows

Pinging Ody's IP address gives response "unreachable network".
Can somebody please provide a screenshot what the correct configuration is for Thetis on Windows 7 for  ANP1.11.

 Many thanks  Jan

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