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Sorry, I forgot to mention that the Bootloader_2.0 is written in Pyton,
which of course runs on Linux as well as Windows.


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Another thing to try, instal isc-dhcp-server so you can get an IP address
for the PC and hopefully the ODY-2 when you reboot.

Wow! Back then we had lots of rain during the Winter only but nothing that
OK, you are North of Erimi village.
73 ... Sid.

On 08/02/2019 17:29, Neoklis Kyriazis via Groups.Io wrote:
That's weird as the first time I set mine up it was laptop Gigabit
port --> ODY-2.
Hmm, in that case I will have to try some more. I used my desktop
(only a Compulab fitPC4) but with dhcpcd disabled. I will try my
laptop too, in case there is some hardware issue.

I remember the winter downpours there back in the 1966 - 1969,
Yes, in those days it was more rainy. In fact many people feel that
this winter reminds them of that era, we had (have!) a really rainy
weather. But frequent thunderstorms force me to cut off electricity
and unplug everything. Lost some gear including my old computer,
Yaesu power supply, laser printer, roof fans, garage door motor etc
after a direct hit on power cables. And one pine tree in my garden!
( I live in Souni, a few km north of Episkopi).


Best Regards
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