Re: Odyssey-2 on Linux

Neoklis Kyriazis

Hello, Neoklis.
Hello David

It would be good idea to change the Bootloader to new Bootloader 2.0. This >allows you to flexibly manage parameters with the simple Pyton's program
OK, this is something I should do eventually, but what I am trying to do now
is to communicate with the Ody-2 over the Ethernet connection, using linhpsdr or ghpsdr or some compatible software (I have both compiled OK but they don't communicate with Ody).

What I like to know is, can this be done with a direct connection to my computer, with no Ethernet switch, and with the Ody-2 in its original state
that it was when I bought it? So far any attempts have failed.

Thanks for joining in the discussion!

Best Regards
Neoklis - Ham Radio Call:5B4AZ

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