Re: Odyssey_BL_2.0

Leo Goto

Hi David,

I use Odyssey_2_1.11_ANP. But I found, My Odyssey_2_1.11_ANP is old
firmware Angelia.rbf 28/01/2018.
It's reason.

Thanks, Leo 73.

On Sat, 07 Jul 2018 22:35:41 -0700
"David Fainitski" <rolin791@...> wrote:

Hello, Leo
Probably you forgot that AOP firmware works with 100Mbit Ethernet mode and ANP firmware works with Gigabit mode.
Bootloader 2.0 works with Gigabit mode and?most likely you forgot swith Ethernet mode to 100Mbit.


Leo Gotoh <LeoGoto@...>

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