David Fainitski

ODYSSEY TRX uses fully opened firmware freely distributed under the GNU license.  N2ADR source code used as a base and a few additional modules were added. Hardware protocol remains compatible with N2ADR/HiQSDR, but it was expanded to support new functionality such as support of onboard sound codec and support of keying control. Version 1.2.0 supports openHPSDR protocol and also includes wide band scope. Both protocols exist simultaneously in one device.

Version history:

1.0.0 – 11.08.15 - First base version

1.1.0 – 11.09.15 - Added automatic key and expanded protocol to support key control that work with Odyssey Key Master

1.1.1 – 03.10.15 - A few bugs fixed:

- Incorrect work of PTT in straight key mode

- Incorrect work of the Demo mode

1.1.2 – 22.10.15 - PTT control signal is now straight, not inverted; control connector pinout was also changed 

1.2.0 – 26.10.15 - openHPSDR protocol is supported

1.2.1 – 28.10.15 - openHPSDR protocol bug fixes, SNDP support has been removed

1.2.2 – 19.11.15 – was added stereo output in Headphones

1.3.0 – 6.12.15 -  was added the second independed receiver  

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