Saw it once...

Steven Wilson


Saw SPI once - not sure why I'm not seeing it more -

In ANY case - I had to modify PiHPSDR code to see it.

There are a couple of issues - First - here is the C Code in PiHPSDR

    if(filter_board==APOLLO) {
      general_buffer[58]|=0x02; // enable APOLLO tuner

    if(filter_board==ALEX) {
      if(device==NEW_DEVICE_ORION2) {
        general_buffer[59]=0x03;  // enable Alex 0 and 1
      } else {
        general_buffer[59]=0x01;  // enable Alex 0

You are using bit 1 of the Alex_enable vector to turn on the spi port.  Likely this should be a |Alex_enable[1:0]

Secondarily - maybe you should be identifying yourself as an Orion and adopt it's SPI organization since it is the only one that handles two receiver filters!

I'm working on building an Alex clone - and want to run two filter sets. I need a 32 bit SPI word shifted out instead of just 16 to allow independent control of two filters.



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