First "Odyssey to Odyssey" QSO

Kirill Polovnoy

It appears that I've become a participant of the first cross-Odyssey QSO.)
The thing is that I was working on CW at 7 MHz just for fun and put another record in log: 2016-mar-13, 19:36Z, LY3G 599/599 op. Gintas, QTH Klaipeda.
In a few days I got message from Gintas. He saw my callsign on Russian radio fan forum and found out that we both use Odyssey TRX.
My congratulations to Gintas and David (the developer of this amazing transceiver) on the first  "Odyssey to Odyssey" QSO.
Let me tell you now about my own Odyssey (sounds good, ha?).
I made the box in the nearest workshop on milling device from aluminum sheet. DPF I got at the same place where I got my transceiver)). I bought PA 30W just for 80$. In general it took me just an hour to create it. After that the real fun started (honestly speaking, the real fun started only in a week, after I've had my transceiver and amplifier repaired, let's skip the story about my efforts).
You can see FT-920 beside Odyssey on this picture. On the right from them there is a TS-590S (not on picture). They both doesn't worth this little devise! Actually I don't use them for a long time. 
Together with Odyssey I use 1kWPA on the basis of well known eb-104 with sd2933. They belong to each other just fine (especially when 3 el YAGI is connected to PA). If you gonna make the same device, don't make my mistake, please note: FIRST adjust automatic PA protection and only AFTER THAT -  adjust PA itself. You will get it, when you find out that transistors for this PA cost as much as Odyssey already tuned and ready to work..
73 to all!

UA6CT, Kirill

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