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Neoklis Kyriazis

>This is very regrettably.

>What can I say ?
Well, you can say "banana republic"! ;-)

>You must very clearly and correctly classify the device in a custom declaration.
>As usual, homemade devices for radiohobby have preferential customs rates.
Thats what I told them, and also on the declaration that shipito asked me for and
was on the packet. They typed something on the computer and apparently out
came "digital radio-cassette player"! There never was such a thing??

>You cold show also other price for reduce charges.
Well, they did actually reduce the price by about 50eu so I think the whole thing
is just beaurocratic nonsense. Not to worry, our country is in financial trouble and
some extra duties go to the public kitty!

>I will send you front cover later.
Thank you very much. Now that I calmed down a bit, I remember that the packet
was opened carefully by the customs officer, and I opened the bubble wrap by
hand after just cutting the scotch tape with the knife. I was naturally very careful
with my Ody-2 so I now feel that very likely it was scratched when shipito opened
it for photos. The scratch is long and hard so I am sure it was not done here.

Anyhow, I would like to pay for any expenses involved, although the packet was
insured its not worth the trouble of claiming insurance, can't really prove what

>Use two simple rectifier diodes in power line cord for reduce 13.8 Volts to 12
Yes, thats one way of doing it but my supply (Yaesu FP-1030) was damaged by
a lightning strike outside my house and I repaired it but I have doubts about
reliability so I am planning to go to batteries with solar chargers and regulator.
OK on software, I will try later after I finish with big chores on the house, big
cleanup of the garage and water leaks from the roof :-(

Best Regards
Neoklis - Ham Radio Call:5B4AZ

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