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Neoklis Kyriazis

>Hi Neoklis,
>That's quite a steep customs charge.
Yes, and thats not all! When I came home and looked up the details on the
customs receit, I realized to my surprise and anger that they classified it
as "digital radio and casette player"! Really! There never was such a thing!
And I declared it as a "digital wireless receiver" as I had previous trouble with
ignorant customs and government officers, who refused to give me import
permit for my FT847 transceiver because they said, its a wireless set and it
could receive police transmissions! It stayed in customs for three months
till I wrote a nasty letter to the relevant minister. Only then I got it out!

That was years ago, when AO40 was launched and the FT847 was the new
kid on the block. Later I tried to import a receiver kit for the 137MHz weather
satellite band and had the same trouble: ministry of communications officials
refused to give me import permission because they said they had no idea
what it was and what I wanted it for! Imagine, they were supposed to be radio
engineers with high qualifications and in charge of radio comms regulation!

After a few weeks I threatened them that I would write to the minister again
so they reluctantly gave me the permit. Then customs charged me 7 pounds
for the delay and 40% duty because they said they had no idea what it was so
they classified it as FM broadcast receiver to be on the safe side! As a comms
receiver it should have been 0%. And this is apparently what they did again
with the odyssey, they picked a classification with high charges in case they are
blamed for not charging enough!

At least in our republic the bananas are very tasty because they are an old
variety with smaller fruits...

I can only blame myself for thinking that in this day and age and with all the
computerized sytems thay now have that they could do better. Next time I
will take my glasses with me and read all the details ;-)

>Here in the UK there is a customs code for Amateur Transceivers that is
>much lower. I'll see how it works out when I hear from
Lucky. Here transceivers and radio comms still have a dark cloud over them.

>David replied to my question regarding the max voltage, +13.8V exceeds
>the limit and said it should be +12V max.
Thank you for that, I will have to reduce the supply's voltage from the preset.
I will look up the available documentation soon.

I apologize for my long rant but the whole affair has been very annoying.

Best Regards
Neoklis - Ham Radio Call:5B4AZ

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