David Fainitski

ODYSSEY TRX works with extended N2ADR/HiQSDR protocol and has native compatibility with QUISK SDR program from James Ahlstrom. Starting with version 3.7.3 the sound codec support was added, but control of Automatic Keying parameters is not available yet. You can use Odyssey Key Master program to manage these parameters.

QUISK-VNA also works with ODYSSEY in VNA mode. 

Zeus-Radio SDR program supports ODYSSEY since version 2.8.5 b50. Starting with version 2.9 it is done via simple HiQSDR support and also implements all functions including Automatic Key control.

ODYSSEY TRX utilizes openHPSDR protocol since 1.2 version of firmware and is now supported by various SDR programs.

All transceiver functions work in latest versions of PowerSDR MRX PS, except transmitter predistortion and multi-receiver mode.

Starting with virmware version 1.3.0 two independed receivers are present. Can use with PowerSDR MRX and CuSDR.

Also, can starting two windows of Zeus-Radio or QUISK in any combinations.

Wide Band Scope is work starting 1.2.1 firmware version.

ODYSSEY is also supported by variety of receive-only programs through ExtIO.dll developed by I2PHD for Hermes board. List of supported programs include HDSDR, SDR Sharper, Studio 1 and other.

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