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Ken N9VV <n9vv@...>

I Heartily recommend pihpsdr-Controller. It is a marvelous design and great fun to operate an SDR with real "Knobs" <g>

Now, how about an Odyssey-II + pihpsdr-Controller combined into a stand-alone Transceiver with a beautiful 7" RPi display?

John Melton G0ORX has done an outstanding job with the RaspberryPi. Most recently John successfully tested the new *Asus Tinker Board* as a plug-in alternative to the RPi. The Tinker will copy TWO simultaneous Rx at 384ksps due to it's faster clock speed and more robust RAM configuration.

(pihpsdr-Controller User Guide available here pdf:
<Apache Controller built and tested:
Apache pihpsdr-Controller *Kit* from GigaParts
Thank you Dave G0VVF for highlighting the pihpsdr-Controller. One of my favorite shack items :-)

73 to all,
Poka to N7DDC,
de Ken N9VV

On 7/30/2017 11:22 AM, Dave Turner @g0vvf [ody-sdr] wrote:
Hi All.
if you would like a twin display on Linux you can use pihpsdr.(sdr program for Raspberry Pi)
To build pihpsdr on other platforms all that should be required is to comment out the GPIO. ( pihpsdr. Make file.Line Number 7)

If you do not have git already installed then enter the following command:
sudo apt-get install git
Create a directory for cloning the source into:
mkdir git
To download the source code enter the following commands:
cd git
git clone
git clone
(most of the above taken the build instructions, g0orx/pihpsdr)
After download,the build instructions will be in git/pihpsdr/release/documentation/pihpsdr-build.pdf.
The following two lines are not required.
sudo apt-get install wiringPi
sudo apt-get install pigpio
I am using Peppermint Linux..
Also you can run at 384000 sample rate (not achievable with raspberry pi.)

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