on Odyssey (not odyssey-2)

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Hello all,

This may be a bit of a ramble - but I feel I need to give a bit of back story. I have one of the earlier odyssesys, and it has worked fine for a long time. Last week when I turned it on - it wasn't recognized by PowerSDR, Quisk or Zeus. SparkSDR shows it as IP I ran the keymaster program to reprogram the IP. Is says "success" - but SparkSDR still shows the IP address as David did a post in 2018 for the Odyssey-2 - that  said reflash the board with a byte blaster. I'd like to know if reflashing the board is doing something different than what the keymaster is doing? They're both setting the IP and MAC.
    Also - I 've done the shorting the CW paddles and powering on the odyssey - and waiting for 5 flashes. This doesn't happen every time - and I may have to power on 10 times before I get the five flashes. If I run PowerSDR (or any software) without turning off the oddysey, the radio works - but once I unplug it - it goes back to I'm hoping someone knows if this is a hardware failure.


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