Odyssey API for developing own TCVR application?

Neoklis Kyriazis

Hi all,

I only recently came accross Odyssey ddc/duc transceiver and it looks rather
promising to me as a base building block for homebrewtransceiver. But there
has to be an API to allow application development (in C) so I would like to
ask here, is there an (open) API available for Odyssey, possibly with some

I am currently developing a receiver app for SDR receivers (rtl-sdr, sdrplay
and perseus) and I feel confident enought to try my hand with DDC/DUC trcvr
hardware. Of course I must hopefully wait for the next version of Ody to hit
kickstarter ;-).

My programing efforts can be seen in my website below, in
Ham Radio Software->Utility Software->SDR Receiver.

P.S. I used to build simple valve/tube rigs in the 70's. Ham radio has

Best Regards
Neoklis - Ham Radio Call:5B4AZ

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