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The purpose of this non-commercial Off-Center Fed Dipole antenna group is to share:

  1. ideas for the further improvement of
  2. sources for the construction materials of
  3. experimental results of

multi-band and/or broadband off-center fed dipole (OCFD) dipole antennas in general, with a particular interest in the coverage of the short-wave amateur radio bands. Single wire fed Windom antennas, as a precursor to the OCFD are also discussed.

Please, try to remain on topic!

This group also serves as a vehicle to inform the antenna community about a new antenna: the center-loaded off-center-fed dipole (CL-OCFD)  antenna.

Your group moderator and, incidentally, inventor of the center-loaded OCFD maintains a web site where the working principle and construction details are explained. Learn more about it at:

Some of the most frequently asked questions are answered on this site. So, please, check there first before posting here.

The Center-Loaded Off-Center-Fed Dipole (CL-OCFD) was invented and first described by yours truly, Serge Y. Stroobandt, ON4AA, in the year 2006.
I briefly considered patenting my design. However, I chose not to do so as a way to give back to this wonderful hobby community, which indirectly has given me a lot.
If you like or use the CL-OCFD, please, consider making a donation towards keeping this site on‑line.

Companies or individuals selling any CL-OCFD antenna variant are granted the explicit permission and are kindly asked to refer the inventor by name and call sign.

Important note: Posting commercial ads is not permitted in this group. The poster will be barred from the group!

73 de Serge Stroobandt, ON4AA
group moderator

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