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The primary purpose of Obed-Teach is for dog training instructors to share resources and exchange ideas, helpful hints, and stories that expand our knowledge (i.e. adds useful tools to our dog-training and instructing “toolbox.”)
OBED-TEACH (OT) is an equal opportunity discussion list. This means all effective and humane training philosophies are embraced! Because the definition of "humane" can be subjective, we subscribe to the official position statement of NADOI (National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors, Inc.) which can be found HERE: NADOI Position Statement on Humane Training
We (the list owners) believe the humaneness of equipment and training methods is dependent upon the skill and knowledge of individual trainers and that limitation or restriction regarding the use of certain equipment or training methods is detrimental to our purpose.
We will not tolerate attacks on list members for their choice of methods or equipment. If you have a better method, "sell it" by explaining how you successfully apply your chosen techniques instead of criticizing the contributions of others. For many people, nothing stifles free and open discussion more than the fear of being publicly criticized.


The Obed-Teach group home page is https://groups.io/g/obed-teach

To access the home page, you MUST have a Groups.io ID. This is where you will find archives of group messages posted since Sept 2003. 

Be sure to check out our other resources such as files (articles, handouts, etc), member photo albums (you can upload your own photos), links to other useful resources, membership database, polls, and a calendar (for listing seminars). As a member, you will be able to post to these areas.



You do not need to have a Groups.io ID to send and receive OT email if that’s all you want to do. To gain access to our rich archives, files, and photos, you will need a Groups.io ID.


  • Address messages to  obed-teach@groups.io 
  • ALL NEW MEMBERS are moderated initially, so messages you post may not show up on the list immediately.


  • REPLIES AUTOMATICALLY GO TO THE ENTIRE LIST. To send a reply to just one person, you can click on REPLY TO SENDER at the bottom of the message; or, just type the person's e-mail address in the "To:" field of the message. 

  • PLEASE TRIM YOUR REPLIES!! AVOID EXCESSIVE QUOTING of messages you're replying to. If you think a quote is necessary, copy or type a sentence or two, just enough to give the context of your reply. If using an email program that won't let you trim, start a new message and type a short explanation about what you are replying to. 

  • If you are on Digest, start a new message using the subject line of the message you are replying to! Quoting an entire digest bloats the archives, takes up a lot of extra space, and creates confusion about who said what and when. 



Discussions on OBED-TEACH should be focused on obedience instructing issues, topics that you discuss with your students, and business-related issues.  The following points are not intended to be all inclusive. 

1.  EQUIPMENT/METHODS DEBATES. Questions asked about the use of certain equipment or methods must reflect the genuine curiosity of someone seeking new information from those with first-hand experience. If you disagree with an approach recommended by another member, you may respectfully say so.However, your reply should focus on your suggestion and rationale for preferring it.

2.  Members usually follow a CASE STUDY approach to discussing training and/or instructing issues. 
Members usually ask the same basic questions before replying to a post. To save time and bandwidth, include as many pertinent facts as possible in your initial post:

  • The breed of the dog; gender;
  • whether spayed-neutered;
  • age;
  • how long the owner has had the dog;
  • specific issues of the case.
  • Similar facts about the owner and the owner's family as they influence the behavior of the dog should also be included, if known.
3.  COPYRIGHT.  Respect the rules of ownership and copyright laws. OBED-TEACH articles and posts are NOT to be retransmitted without the explicit permission of the original poster.
  • Please email the author privately, with a cc: to obed-teach+owner@groups.io . Most people are willing to give their permission when asked; however, please honor their wishes if they not want their posts sent elsewhere. Moreover, this list should not be reflected to other sites without explicit permission from BOTH the posters and the listowner.
  • DO NOT POST COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL TO OBED-TEACH! If a published article is relevant to a discussion, you can quote a sentence or two, then list the URL for the rest of the article.

4. NO FLAMES, NO FEUDS! A "flame" is not just a controversial topic, but is a personal insult that stifles discussion. *HINT*: If something on the list has you writing an angry reply, DO NOT send the reply. Save a draft. Sleep on it and then send it tomorrow (if at all) when you're calm and clear-headed. 

  • If you are not sure if it’s a personal insult, think about how you would feel if you were on the receiving end.
5. SIGNATURE LINES: PLEASE SIGN YOUR POSTS WITH YOUR NAME AND AT LEAST A GENERAL LOCATION. Limit your signature to 5 LINES MAXIMUM including any favorite quote.  NO ADVERTISING. When deciding on your signature line, think of Obed-teach as you would a group of friends who go out to lunch together to talk about training and instructing and not as potential clients or employers.
6. NO COMMERCIALS. Announcements (of seminars, for example) must be cleared first with the list moderators. You can, of course, post sources and prices for a particular product that has been discussed or mentioned.  It goes without saying that you should never, ever try to buy, sell, or give away a dog on this list.

7. NO CAMPAIGNING. This is not the place for discussions about dog breeding or breeder ethics, breed traits unrelated to instructing obedience, matters of general health or canine welfare (unless discussing handouts provided to students), breed specific legislation (BSL), animal rights, the merits of PETA or similar organizations, or any similarly tangential topics. TOPICS MUST SHOW A DIRECT RELATIONSHIP TO OBEDIENCE INSTRUCTING. If you're not sure, contact obed-teach+owner@groups.io .



Read "The Core Rules of Netiquette" at


Pay particular attention to Rule #2, which states:

Adhere to the same standards of behavior online that you follow in real life

  • Remember that e-mail is a limited medium. Without body language, people often cannot read the emotion behind a posting and may take what you say personally despite your intention. Keeping this in mind, it's always good to re-read posts before sending and to assume that any person you're talking about will also be reading the message. 

  • Be sensitive to cultural differences. The majority of OT members are from the United States or Canada, but we do have members from various countries on several continents. English is the official language on this list, but English is a second language for some. Be sure that you understand the poster's meaning. When in doubt, send a private post to clarify your understanding rather than jumping to conclusions. Misunderstandings easily develop into "flame wars." (Some email addresses from outside the USA end with the abbreviation for the country: UK is United Kingdom; FI is Finland; ME is Mexico; AU is Australia; ZA is South Africa; just to list a few.) A complete list can be found here:




We have a companion group on Facebook started in August 2016. Join us there if you are on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/obedteach/

Thank you for your cooperation and your participation in OBED-TEACH. When you post to the list for the first time, take a few minutes to introduce yourself and give a little background about you and your dogs. We really want to get to know you!  

Welcome, and enjoy!

OBED-TEACH List Moderators
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