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Twa Dale

Twa Dale  was built for entertainment, principally mine. It was an opportunity to depart the shackles of a prototype and indulge in whatever arcane bits of stock I simply fancied.

Intended to have lots of movement whilst being 'one man' portable it features a lot of automation and many working bits and scenic cameo's. The smoke from the steam lorry seems to be the audience favourite at exhibitions.

Only 1.5m by 0.75m it requires 7 locos to run a full service, up to 4 may be moving at any one time. To achieve this the control system is complex. Favourite quotes from fellow exhibitors "Sitting watching your own layout, brilliant" and "looks like NASA back here"

This has been my first venture in narrow gauge, first in scratch-building mechanisms and most scenically mature layout. I have thoroughly enjoyed overcoming the new challenges and learnt a lot about how not to do things. 

More information & pictures can be found on the Twa Dale website