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Mark Noble has spent 7 years building a fine model of Ffestiniog Railway Hunslet 2-4-0 STT ‘Blanche’ modelled in oil burning form as she looked around the new millennium. Built from an EDM kit featuring:

  • 14mm gauge – O14.
  • Electrical pickups on the driving wheels and tender wheels.
  • Full suspension including pony truck (not tender).
  • Working Stephenson’s valve gear between the frames which operates the piston valves.
  • Constant gap tender draw bar.
  • DCC chip in the tender, can be converted to DC in seconds by unplugging the decoder and inserting a connector.
  • Zamzoodled couplings.
  • Figures from the S&D Models Pheonix 43 range.
  • Various details added from photographs as the kit was built such as the double jointed smoke box door hinge.

Lots more photos in the O14 album here: