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Festiniog and Blaenau Manning Wardle

(copied from the original o14 group website post by Paul H from 2010)

Here are a few shots of the scratchbuilt Manning Wardle taken just before she enters the paintshops. The loco is one of two built in Leeds in 1868 for the short F+B line, built the same year as a feeder and potential rival to the Festiniog. The little locos and the 6 carriages were destined to last only 14 years, being taken to Swindon and scrapped when the line was converted and extended by the Great Western in 1882. The model is all nickel construction, using profile milled frames from John Taylor using my own masters. Rivet detail using a GW models rivet press and tiny hex headed bolts from Scale Hardware Inc (USA). Power by Maxon and all my usual sound / smoke / steam effects on board.