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Hudson Hunslet 24hp

(As originally posted on the o14 group website 2010)

This is the second KBScale brass kit I have made. The first one was the OMZ (also shown). This was made with the help of Bernard Daillant, Franck Tavernier and Bernard Junk. Franck Tavernier made the motor gear and I made the structure as best as I can. I am not an expert, and the brass with bronze is not so simple to assemble! But with perseverance I managed to make it. In fact this model was not so hard to assemble, but I much preferred the painting!

I sanded the model, and then painted with Prince August 920 German uniform. A multitude of washes, dirt, grease were then put on it. The detail micro-painting was with Tamiya XF-10, followed by washes of grime, brown, yellow, white, black. I put black pigment on the wheel train fixed by acetone to simulate grease.

The name of this engine is my friend’s daughter, and it will be equipped with a DCC decoder for N gauge.

I have made several layouts with my friend Matthieu: Jacquemart, Le gemmage, Les Agouts de Paris (see photo), and a new layout: Les sablieres de Nemours, all are in O14.

You can see our layouts on our website at: