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 Volks Electric Railway trackwork

Although the gauge is out by 8″ or so for O14, there are some great details in the trackwork of the Volks Electric Railway in Brighton that could be a useful reference for anyone working on a “tourist attraction” type railway rather than serious functional narrow gauge!

There is a wealth of detail around this little crossing, from the differing surfaces, to the hazard markings and the warning lights and signs.

Here you can see where a passing loop has been removed but the switch blades and longer sleepers have been left in situ. This is a great effect to show the temporary nature of many “pleasure” railways.

There is an elevated section on the line, where the rails are clipped to small baseplates which are then bolted to the cross-members of the girder structure.

Check rails on the elevated track are made up from simple bar section with an interesting method of attachment to the baseplates. This would be an unusual feature to model.

Added October 21, 2008