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Bruce Wood supplied the following details on his first venture into O14 an experimental project to see if I could construct a fully operational micro model railway in O14 scale.

The name translated; A3 represents the standard A3 footprint size – 42.0cm x 29.7cm, and 014 – represents the gauge, which is O14.

Bruce said "Over the last few years, I had purchased and constructed a number of O14 locos and rolling stock. As I didn’t have any suitable track to operate these models, they were stored away. A3014 has given me the opportunity to operate and showcase these models.

"This Model Railway took 12 hours to construct, and everything which was used to construct this model railway came from materials and “left-over” supplies I had stored in my garage. I try and maintain a low budget on my modelling projects, and as all materials were “on-hand”, there was no cost. The baseboard was 7mm ply board from a crate used to transport machine parts from China. The two structures – the railway trestle bridge and the road bridge, were scratch-built using a small size of dressed timber I had purchased from the local hardware store and leftover from another project, and also craft sticks which I always keep a good supply on hand (coffee stirrers and ice cream type sticks in different sizes) purchased at a local Homebase variety store.

"I personally do not like “table-top” flat model railways, and even in this relatively small size, I feel I have achieved the illusion of hilly terrain, and I like the scene this creates when I photograph the models.

"I am delighted with the end result of this micro model railway, and my entry into operating O14 models. This was a very straightforward and easy and a fun project to build, and has given me immense satisfaction operating and watching my O14 models."



Posted August 14, 2015