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Dinas 1869

Not seen out on the exhibition circuit for over six years now, Dinas has been sleeping in the basement of our previous home in bits. However it sleepeth,  perchance to wake very soon with the imminent completion of my new ‘man cave’ at our new home near Porthmadog. Time will move on by a decade once it has been erected, as I hope to extend the layout and move it loosely into the 1870s, but like David John, I now have stock from different eras, which rather messes up the concept of an 1860s layout. My Merddin is as running in 2015, whilst the Baldwin (Moelwyn) is 1920s and Lyd definitely does not fit with Victorian Festiniog.... 

You can see a video of Dinas at Warley in 2009 here.