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O14 Manufacturers and Suppliers

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Locomotive and Rolling Stock Kits

Avalon Line & Blackdog Mining Co.

A range of small industrial loco body kits and rolling stock kits predominately for O9

Backwoods Miniatures

Producer of high quality locomotive and rolling stock kits mainly focussed on On30 and smaller scales, however some kits suitable for O14 including the K1 and NGG16 Garratts. Currently (2020) closed.


email for 7mm NG catalogue:

Several loco and rolling stock kits suitable for O14.


Produces various 3D printed items of interest, including a Ruston 20DL (to go on a KBscale chassis kit) and a plate-frame Simplex (to go on a Locos n stuff universal motor bogie kit), along with a Kerr,Stuart wagon turntable (designed to take Peco code 75 rails filed to shape and slid in). Also a very friendly and capable 3D printing service for anybody capable of producing 3D CAD models.

EDM Models

Supplier of an increasing range of loco and rolling stock kits and detailed parts suitable for O14. See also Port Wynnstay Models.

Furness Railway Wagon Company

A range of 7mm scale kits for Talyllyn and Ravenglass & Eskdale which can all be built in the correct gauges

Hesketh Scale Models

Produces a complete O&K MD2 loco kit and RTR, with 3D printed brass Dolberg wagon chassis frames.

KBscale Narrow Gauge

Supplier of locomotive and rolling stock kits, wheels and trackwork accessories for O14 and other gauge variants. Includes the products originally developed by Roy C Link. Now distributed by Narrow Planet.

L&B Models 

Produced a range of high fidelity Lynton and Barnstable Railway loco (Lyn) and rolling stock kits and track parts. Ceased trading some years ago however models and kits turn up for sale occasionally. See Slaters below.

Locos n Stuff

Produces loco and rolling stock kits for O14 and other gauges

Model Railway Developments

Produces Darjeeling Himalayan Railway rolling stock kits in O16.5 which can be easily re-gauged to the correct 14mm.

Neil Sayer Scale Modelling

Produced a 7mm scale Baldwin 50HP Gas Mechanical kit. No website at present.

Nigel Lawton

Produces a Simplex kit in O14 and also mini motors and drive components.


Manufacturers of unusual and obscure prototypes for the industrial railway modeller - several loco kits suitable for O14


Various bits of the Peco range will be useful to O14 modellers, including individual lengths of rail and rail fixings for making track, and the O-16.5 loco and rolling stock kits, which can mostly be regauged to 14mm gauge.

Port Wynnstay Models

Produces a range of loco kits and detailed parts suitable for O14 with a focus on FR/WHR. Distributed by EDM Models.


Produced a range of Railcar, Coach and Wagon kits of mainly French prototypes.

Ceased trading on 31/12/2011, however models and kits may turn up for sale occasionally


Reintroducing the Lynton & Barnstaple models originally produced by L&B models. Currently just coaches as well as separately available bogies but will include Lyn and wagons.

Trains d’Antan

Produces a range of diesel locomotive kits and WWI Pershing rolling stock kits in O14.

Truckteur Models

Produced a range of locomotive kits and trackwork accessories for O14. Update 2018 Not sure if trading any more.

Worsley Works

Produces a range of etched kits with several suitable for O14.

Suppliers of track, parts, etc.


see list above

Karlgarin Models

Producer of (the only) accurate profile rail for 7mm narrow gauge in 3 sizes for: 40-45lb/yard, 60-70lb/yard and 80-100lb/yard respectively.

KBscale Narrow Gauge

see list above

Narrow Planet

Producer of custom etched name plates in 7mm (and other scales) including many of the common NG styles and also builders plates.

North Yard

Produces various parts including curly spoke wheels and Sn3 (14.2mm gauge) bogies


Producer of 7mm scale narrow gauge working chopper couplings and related accessories. Also scale L&B fishplates. Now distributed by Narrow Planet.