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Hey All

Having just returned to the hobby after a several year hiatus I find myself in a difficult situation living in the US (where all you get is blank stares when you mention O14) it has become more difficult to source relevant items here 

I am hampered by not having any dealers stocking items I may need  Most things can be found on the internet (with diligent searching) but obscure parts are near impossible to acquire 

Not being able to attend Exhibitions as you do (although not these days) I have come here seeking help

I have read in  the Tony’s Forrest blog about some chassis Robin used on several of his locos the Wrightlines Simplex and the RCL/KB Ruston and they were made by I believe Tom Cockford (sic) I have searched and have not found anything about them at all  It was mentioned they were bought at an Exhibition ,being over here l don’t know if these are available or how to contact whom ever makes them

So I turn to you for some help if anyone has information they can pass on to me it would be much appreciated 

Also if anyone knows a dealer in the US that has any British outline parts or paints (can’t even find Humbrol over here that would also help


j Gilmartin