Greater Christchurch Webmaps [18]

NZ Rail Maps

Good morning. It is pleasing to say no more work has been done on aerial mosaics, because after checking the last section, from Kaiapoi to Ashley on the MNL, there are no updates needed in this section.

However some time was spent looking at the Marsh Road railway crossing at Southbrook, just south of Rangiora, in conjunction with writing an article for Christchurch Transport Blog questioning the dangerous design of the level crossing. At the time of writing it is pleasing to see that the Stuff website has been reporting criticism from Steve Gurney who was involved in a 2011 accident at this crossing and is questioning why the issues at the crossing have not been resolved. This is completely separate from the article on Christchurch Transport Blog however. This level crossing is within the area that will be shown on the GC Webmaps preview.

The other work that has been done since the last update is to sign up for a new development website with Dreamhost. This will cost $85 for the first year and about $150 for each subsequent year if this webhost continues to be used by the project. The new website will run alongside the existing one and be used transparently and by the end of 2021 a decision will have been taken of which webhost to continue with.

The work going forward from here is to create the webmaps and this is ongoing using the extracted segments of aerial mosaics. Progress will be reported at the next update.

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