Greater Christchurch Webmaps [17]

NZ Rail Maps

Good afternoon. Since last writing, more progress has been made with the Riccarton-Kainga section of MNL corridor, and this section is almost completely updated with 1946/1955 additions. This section includes the Kainga deviation of 1958 which replaced the bridge over the Waimakariri River and that section will be fully covered in the aerial mosaics.

Work is also beginning on any updates needed in the Kaiapoi-Ashley section of MNL corridor. Although strictly speaking our interest ends at Rangiora, the full length through to Ashley will be completed in the update of this mosaic project.

The rest of the current work is extracting completed mosaic sections from projects, importing them into the GIS, checking for and resolving issues, and then drawing the maps. Since every section of the MSL is now completed, the map drawing on the MSL is accelerating and making good progress.

A timeframe for having the web maps preview ready remains elusive, but it becomes more apparent each week that a completion date is becoming more certain and we feel strongly confident that this will occur this month.

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