Greater Christchurch Webmaps [16]

NZ Rail Maps

Good afternoon. Things got a little busy in the latter part of this week and the maps haven't progressed as much as planned in the last few days. Map drawing is nevertheless continuing through Hornby and Sockburn, subject to time needed to correct and fix issues discovered in the mosaics, and in fact currently a correction for Hornby is pending. Work has not yet begun on the Hornby Industrial Line maps. We are also awaiting some aerial photos for Rolleston and Hornby Industrial Line from Linz.

Much of the extraneous activity this week has been focused around Christchurch Transport Blog, which these webmaps are closely tied to, and in particular, the addition to CTB of six pages detailing our current proposals for the development of commuter trains in Greater Christchurch. These webmaps are an important part of publicising these proposals to enable the general public to inform themselves about the available options, and as such the change in tempo this week hasn't really been material to this component of the Greater Christchurch transport network maps, just building up another part of the entire CTB led project of rail development in the Greater Christchurch area that these maps will fundamentally help to inform.

So whilst progress has been a bit slow we are pushing ahead on the same segments as mentioned last time, also possible routes to the Airport will be added to the Greater Christchurch webmaps as these were drawn originally with some of the interests that were expressed in developing routes that could make use of the Airport noise corridors to avoid built up areas. Routes such as these are really only material to access to Christchurch Airport from Selwyn or Waimakariri Districts, not from Christchurch City.

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