Greater Christchurch Webmaps [15]

NZ Rail Maps

Good evening.

Map drawing has progressed through Islington and now to Hornby. The Hornby Branch will be completed next, as the next section eastward is waiting for mosaic completion in the Middleton-Sockburn section, the only part of the MSL now not finished at mosaic level, these mosaics will be completed in the next 1-2 days and put into the GIS.

Mosaics for the Main North Line, Riccarton to Kainga section, are also being completed at present, with 1946/1955 aerial coverage added. As there is no similar coverage north of the Waimakariri River, the Kaiapoi to Ashley mosaic project may receive one or two new Retrolens images in specific places which will not majorly change the coverage for this section of the MNL, and therefore not need a major editing effort.

With present progress it is tentatively forecast that the mosaics could be completed this week and map drawing completed by the end of next week, this would enable significant progress in completing the webmaps.

Linz staff have been very helpful in finding a few missing images from Retrolens, one in particular being in Heathcote in 1973 that has been added to the mosaics for that section. It is hoped in the next week or so to receive two missing station survey images for Rolleston 1972 and several corridor survey images for Hornby Industrial Line 1972, that will be of considerable benefit for this project, as these are high quality surveys at large scale.

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