Greater Christchurch Webmaps [14]

NZ Rail Maps

Good morning.

The maps have been drawn from Burnham back to Islington following finalisation of the Rolleston section of the mosaics which had to be revised to make the 1984 aerial maps continuous with joins between the Rolleston 0.125 metre resolution base imagery, the Weedons-Templeton 0.3 metre resolution base imagery and the Christchurch City 0.075 metre resolution base imagery. This has been done so that the route of the old Down Line can be drawn in all the way from Islington to Rolleston.

The next section of maps to be revised and checked will be from Islington east and the Hornby to Lincoln line as soon as mosaics are extracted from the recently completed Gimp projects. Yesterday in addition a drawing was made of a second platform site for Rolleston in the event any suburban passenger train service becomes established to there in the future. Drawings of Weedons Air Force Base were also distributed online for comment. As far as it can be reasonably ascertained, the AFB siding opened in 1943 and closed in 1968, according to dates of publication for S&I diagrams and corroboration from other sources of the time the base was opened.

The only section of the MSL not yet completed with updated mosaics is from Middleton to Sockburn and it is being commenced today. However the mosaics are still to be extracted in a lot of sections. Waltham has been extracted recently and Christchurch-Addington is being extracted today.

Mosaic work on Addington-Kainga is being commenced today alongside the Middleton-Sockburn section so that the MNL part of Greater Christchurch will get up to date maps as well. So it can be seen that definite progress is happening even though there has been a lot more work needed to get these maps out than expected so far.

It was decided a few weeks ago to push on for full completion of this section because of the difference uses the maps can be put to. The focus on producing a Greater Christchurch set of maps in general has been important work in conjunction with the affiliated Christchurch Transport Blog due to various campaigns underway in Christchurch for suburban passenger services and there has always been a strong desire to complete these maps within a reasonable timeframe. Creating webmaps for these will enable a lot more people to have access to them.

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