Rolleston Station

NZ Rail Maps

Maps are currently being drawn for Rolleston Station within the Greater Christchurch suburban area.

The map below shows how a second platform would need to be added at Rolleston to allow two trains to be in the station at one time (if a service arrived and a second service was departing about the same time). This makes use of the existing dual main lines within the current station layout and therefore requires minimal alteration to the existing track.

Reinstation of the old down main on the far side of the existing platform is not feasible as it would create a short stacking problem on the Hoskyns Road crossing just east of the platform. Short stacking is a serious issue at many level crossings around NZ and contributed to a level crossing accident in 1993 at George Holmes Road, just west of the platform, when three passengers were killed on the Southerner when it hit a concrete mixer truck. The Hoskyns Road crossing replaced the George Holmes Road crossing for safety reasons.

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