Greater Christchurch Webmaps [2]

NZ Rail Maps

Good afternoon.

As noted in the last post the work has been going on this week to complete as much of Greater Christchurch rail maps as possible for a web maps demo.

It has been determined that the full aerial coverage for the entire area has not been completed at this time and so some decision is needed as to how much can be ready for use in the demo.

An attempt therefore will be made to cover all of Lyttelton to Rolleston within this preview so that the Lincoln Line and the Main North Line will probably only be covered at a diagrammatic level without the full aerials, and possibly in fact not included at all, as without the aerials it is not possible to verify data to a high standard.

This means the completion of the web preview is hopefully more certain than it's looked this week because of being behind schedule again due to the need in the latter part of this week to review the incomplete aerial footage to determine which can be brought into use quickly. So the demo maps will consist of as much as can be achieved on the MSL corridor from Lyttelton heading west as far as Rolleston. The latter might not be reached but every effort will be made to achieve completion.

This means completing yards and sidings in the following order: Middlteon, Sockburn, Hornby, Islington, Templeton, Weedons, Weedons AFB, Rolleston and hopefully all of those completed, or if not, as many from the start of the list as possible. If time allows some level of completion will be attempted for the other two corridors but this is absolutely not guaranteed.

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