Update on web maps

NZ Rail Maps

Good afternoon. This week a part of the focus has been on completing some additional content in Volume 6. A map of the Te Aro Branch and Te Aro station, along with the old Thorndon and Lambton stations and yards, was obtained. Whilst only a part pertains to Volume 6, a preview of part of Volume 2 (NIMT) is being prepared (see below).

As per some ideas suggested in a recent update, we have determined it is feasible to have some of the map information transparently overlaid over a separate base layer, instead of having a full feature display on a Diagram layer and a partial display on a Aerial layer. Instead, base layers would consist of numerous aerial layers and a terrain layer. The railway features would be contained in separate transparent overlays, which can be displayed over any base layer. A working example can be seen on the Volume 6 preview on the website where a "Yards" overlay is now available for Wellington. In practice there would be not more than three overlays, consisting of current rail features, former rail features and non rail features. The Terrain base layer would continue to incorporate much of the non rail features that it currently does as well as locations as fixed content, and all aerial base layers would continue to incorporate locations as fixed content. A current aerial layer may be included.

A demo for Wellington Station and Auckland Station (both Volume 2) is being prepared and will be announced when ready, for testing. Once this is up, attention will turn to a decision on which strategy to adopt for the production maps, and the means of producing them to the chosen spec.

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