Flood damage to BOIVR bridge not good

Steve W

The Bay of Islands Vintage Railway has cancelled its train rides until
damage done to a Taumarere bridge pile following last month's flooding is

Frank Leadley said a huge tree had taken out one bridge pier and seriously
damaged another. The bridge would have to be repiled before it could be used
again, and nearby embankments would have to be repacked.

Further updates would be posted as the situation was monitored.

Frits Schouten said volunteers had cleared the rail of logs and debris that
had spilled over the banks of the Tirohanga Stream, between Bridge 5 and the
rugby club, on Sunday July 26, and on Thursday last week contract workers
pulled out a large log that had floated down the stream and hit the bridge.
On Friday, before the train left Kawakawa, he walked the track and had
another good look at Bridge 5 and discovered the damage.