Detailed plan for workshops due by 2021

Steve W

we await plans with interest - more demolition before the end of the year
according to this article!

"A detailed design for Dunedin's Hillside main workshops upgrade will
probably be ready by the end of the year.

In October 2019 it was announced the workshops would get $20million from the
Provincial Growth Fund to go towards revitalisation.

That included earthquake-proofing ageing buildings, getting rid of asbestos
and overhauling old equipment.

Staff numbers are expected to grow from about 23 to 100 as it becomes a
multipurpose workshop.

In an update this week a KiwiRail spokesman said the work at Hillside was
already visible "...with the completion of the demolition last month of two
end-of-life vacant workshops".

"More demolitions are planned to start before the end of the year".

The next step was to upgrade the main rail workshops on site, such as
overhauling an ageing heavy-lift crane and traverser.

"The planned improvements for the site will allow us to maintain more
locomotives and wagons, as well as undertaking new types of work, such as
heavy maintenance and upgrades."

A detailed design for the main workshops was expected by the end of the year
and before new construction begins.

Asked whether there may be positions available for the 37 staff working at
the Bradken foundry tipped to close at the end of the year, the spokesman
said there was not work available now.

Nor was Kiwirail interested in taking back the foundry after selling it to
Bradken in 2012.

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